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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quality Assurance in Web and App design

I was doing a bit of research this morning on different industries we could approach and I discovered that I could not find a single web design or app design business within Melbourne that had Quality Assurance certification. Many websites had reference to performing QA tests or inspections but I couldn't find any that actually said "we are QA certified".

With so many competitors in the marketplace I was suprised that I could not find a single business that was advertising it at all. There were many that discussed quality assurance processes they follow but none actually certified.

With any new and popular industry there are many new competitors entering the market on a daily basis, the best way to distinguish yourself from the pack is by establishing a point of difference. If it comes down to a decision between one design company and another with similar prices but only one is certified, most people will go with the certified business because they know that they conduct business a certain way and have had to prove that they meet strict ISO guidelines.

By choosing a company with ISO9001 certfication you know:

  • They have a strict design and development system in place for all stages of the design process
  • They conduct internal audits of their own system to identify issues.
  • Any suppliers/subcontractors have been reviewed for suitability to established criteria; and 
  • They will be reviewed at minimum on yearly basis by an external certification provider to ensure they remain compliant.
If large businesses are shopping around for a new design firm, these are the kinds of things that help them make their final decision.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone knows of any quality certified companies.

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  1. Clients and consumers are aware that quality assurance is the first thing to look out for in a company or a business. With that being said, considering the amount of smart consumers around in the market, it's no longer that difficult to find a qualified company within an industry. Companies should feel both lucky and terrified that the industries are learning to be smart, and are all aiming for quality. Lucky because it means the market is slowly being certified, and terrified because it means more competitors. Hahaha! Anyway, thanks for a great read, Adrian! All the best to you! :)

    Barton Wilson @ International Standards Authority, Inc.