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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I Quit Facebook

Yesterday I made the decision to deactivate my personal facebook account indefinitely and I have to say it's a strange feeling, not unlike a breakup. I went through a lot of the same emotions except without the mandatory needing to get drunk with friends and start seeing other social media outlets

From a business point of view I decided Facebook was hurting the success of my company rather than enhancing it. Let's face it, a Quality, Safety and Environmental Consultancy is never going to be hot property on facebook. The distractions that come with it are also massively counterproductive.

From a personal perspective I also believe that it was hurting my social interactions rather than enhancing them. Catching up with friends no longer had any mystery any more. I already knew what they had done for the last two months right down to what they had for breakfast the day before and how cute their new niece or nephew was.

Most shockingly for me though I came to the realisation that by spending so much time plugged in to facebook I had started to lose some basic social functions that as a small business owner I need. It's become the norm to email people instead of call them because I am more comfortable speaking in text. I believe I am missing out on a lot of potential business because I've lost my nerve to pick up the phone and call someone out of the blue and say "hey, got any work for me?"

So my aim over the next month is to rebuild the social skills that I feel need working on and see what kind of an impact it has on my personal and business life. Hopefully in a couple of years time my blog post will read "why I quit Facebook and became rich"

Wish me luck

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