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Monday, July 4, 2011

Legal & Other Requirements

The necessity to determine your legal and other requirements and assess conformance is one of the areas that is specific to Environmental Management Systems and Safety Management Systems but not Quality Management Systems. In my mind this one area where the Quality Assurance Standard is lacking. All businesses should have systems in place that determine what their legal requirements are, what the conformance criteria is and how often they should be assessed. 

When developing your register of legal and other requirements, I suggest using a tool such as enviroessentials.com as they have already done a lot of the leg work for you and save you reading through page after page after page of mind numbing EPA or Worksafe documentation. They can also help you find information specific to your industry and send you regular notifications of changes to legislation.

Remember that it is a legal and OTHER requirements register. You are required to not only determine your legal requirements, but also specific non legal requirements such as customer reporting requirements. In order to capture all of your other requirements you will need to read back through your contracts and agreements with current clients and add in any specific conformance requirements that may be included.
As always if you require any assistance setting up your Legal and Other Requirements register or performing a conformance assessment give me a yell.

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